The danger of webcams in laptops

Security experts from all parts of the world have warned people about the risks of webcams in their laptops.

Today, the webcam has grown into an important and priceless communication tool. Using the in-built webcam in your laptop, you are able to organize video conferences with your clients, communicate with your business partners or simply chat with your friends and family members.

Kids mainly use webcams for communicating with their friends or relatives who are far away from them. Nonetheless, with the rising number of cyber attacks across the World Wide Web, it has become very important for you to take suitable measures to prevent hackers from secretly spying on your laptop. Cybercriminals may use your laptop webcam in a variety of ways without you knowing anything about it.

Why You Must Always Cover the Webcam of Your Laptop?

A malware program may enter your laptop through a variety of ways, like when you are downloading software, or entering a site or downloading stuff that came as an attachment in your email inbox. In fact, the malware is more common than you may think. Most people even like to call it as creepware. Besides, you can find online communities of webcams spies which are known as “voyeurs”, who like to exchange videos, photos and all type of malicious stuff.

Anything which you click or download online can contain a malware program. After it is successfully installed by the hacker, it becomes quite difficult to get rid of, and the hacker gets immediate access to all the files in your laptop.

Hackers may forward you phishing emails which appear like regular ones from a website you’re familiar with. After the victim clicks the link, the software automatically gets installed and your device gets infected.

Signs that indicate the security of your webcam may be compromised:

Some of the common signs you see may include changes in the settings of your laptop which you never initiated. In case you notice various software being installed, files being moved, etc; it may be the right time for you to have your device checked from an expert. You must also run scans regularly and review new or modified files which you never saw before on your laptop.

Preventing and Stopping Your Laptop Webcam from Being Hacked:

Preventing cyber attacks is much easier as compared to fixing one after it has already occurred. By taking the necessary security measures, you would be in a better position to avoid webcam spying and hacking altogether.

In order to protect yourself from such attacks, experts recommend you to follow the below steps:

1. Cover your webcam when not in use.

2. Ensure that the anti-malware and antivirus software in your laptop is regularly updated.

3. Always use strong passwords to secure your network.

4. Never link your device to an unknown network.

5. Make sure your browser, apps, and operating system receive regular updates.

6. Avoid installation of any freeware, or software with an unknown origin.

7. Never click on the links coming from a weird/unknown email address.

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