How hackers manage to do it

In the current day world where the majority of our work happens on the internet, there has been a significant rise in the number of cyber attacks during the past few years. Hackers use different hacking techniques in order to gain unauthorized access to your private information such as email id, credit card info, etc.

Hence, it is crucial for you to know a few of the most popular hacking techniques which cybercriminals use in order to gain access to your private information.

How Hackers Hack Your Computer or Laptop?

1. Keylogger

It is a software program which records your key sequence and within a log file of your PC. The log files may even include your email addresses as well as passwords. There are basically 2 types of keyloggers: hardware and software.

While hardware-based keyloggers target your smartphone sensors, keyboards, and electro-magnetic emissions, software-based target various software installed on your desktop,

Hence, whenever you are working on your laptop in public areas, try to stay extra cautious.

2. Fake or Bogus WAP

This is when hackers use a software program in order to replicate a WAP. Once the connection to the fake WAP is established, a hacker is able to freely access your info at any point of time.

In fact, this is among the easiest ways for hackers to hack any computer since all they need is a wireless network and a simple program. In order to protect yourself from such attacks, make sure you’re using reliable VPN service.

3. Trojan, or Virus Attacks

Trojans or Virus are malicious programs that hackers secretly install into their victim’s computer. Once the virus enters the victim’s computer, the program starts forwarding personal data of the victim to the hacker. Viruses can also be used to serve irrelevant ads, sniff on your data, and gain access to other devices connected to your network.

4. Phishing

In phishing, a hacker creates a replica of the websites you access more often and traps you by sending a special link.

Once the user enters their login info or similar data, the hacker receives the personal info of their victim using the trojan that’s operational on the bogus site.

5. Waterhole attack

People who enjoy watching National Geographic and Discovery can easily relate to such attacks. In a waterhole attack, hacker hit the physical point that is most accessible to their victim.

For instance, if a river source gets poisoned for some reason, it is likely to hit all the creatures during summer. Similarly, in a waterhole attack, hackers target their victim’s most widely used physical locations. It may be a cafeteria, a shopping mall, etc.

After knowing the timing of your visit, the hacker may create a false Wi-Fi access point so as to change the sites you visit more often and redirect them so as to get access to your private information. One simple way to protect yourself from such kind of attack is to follow basic security recommendations and update your operating system and other programs on a regular basis.

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